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Georgia Musicale Group Online Recitals

There is currently no open recital, so we are not accepting submissions right now.

New recitals will be announced at about a month in advance. See you then!

How the Recital Works

Any and all styles of music are welcome - all skill levels are welcome.

Recital submissions must be in MP3 format. The maximum size of the file is 40 MB. This should be sufficient for 15+ minutes of music. If you need help creating an mp3 file, contact the recital administrator. Videos are optional - upload your video to youtube (or any other server) and save a link to it.

Once the recital is opened for submissions, and your mp3 file is ready, the content at the top of this page will change to allow recording uploads. Once you have uploaded your info to the automated recital software, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You will have the opportunity to revise your submission at any time up until the deadline. If you have any problems at all using the new website, or if you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within a few hours, just contact the administrator. If you cannot upload your mp3 recording, or need help, there will be an option to contact the administrator.

The recital software uses the following submission template to be filled out along with your music file. You may want to have your responses to these fields prepared in advance:

Again, the recital will be presented in the order the pieces were received, so the sooner you send in your piece, the higher you will be on the list! You can revise your entries on the template (e.g., thoughts about your piece, adding YouTube links, and the like) any time and not lose your place in the recital queue, but if you resubmit your recording at any time, for any reason, you will be bumped to the end of the list.

Good Luck!